Other Antique and Collectable

Handmade Clay Marbles

Made 1880 to 1930

Plain $1.50/each Painted $3.00/each

Modern Dzi Bead


#4993-4 $19.95/each


Pottery Shard Pendants from the Ming Dynasty

These pendants were uncovered in an archaeological dig in China that revealed a porcelain factory, as well as from ancient shipwrecks discovered around the Spice Islands, now known as the Dutch West Indies. Each unique shard dates from the Ming dynasty, making them from 300-900 years old. The shards are set in silver plated metal, and no two are the same. Not all styles are displayed. Each one of these has their own personality, they are beautifully hand painted, and no two are exactly alike. Let us choose a special one for you!

The Ming Period was a highpoint for Chinese ceramics. Artists and Artisans produced exquisite porcelains which were traded to all corners of the Chinese-known world. As a result shards of Chinese ceramics can be still unearthed at many historical sites on the East-African Coast and in the Central African Republics today. Porcelain production increased and diversified into many new directions. Blue and white porcelain became the normal and most unusual type of Chinese ceramics traded to overseas areas, but experimentation in two colors and even three-color porcelain was already undertaken.

Antique Blue & White Pottery Shard Pendants
Ming Dynasty (circa 1368-1644 AD)
$20.00 each

Antique Colorful Pottery Shard Pendants
Ming Dynasty (circa 1368-1644 AD)
$20.00 each

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